Any Plaintiff out of town or out of state during the TownHall Meetings may still participate in the Q&A segment of the meeting with
Attorney Bonner from 1:00 to 2:00pm by joining a zoom link.
We just can't serve you Pizza-

Click Blue Button below for the zoom link on the day of the meeting to join meeting by 1:00 PM.

Pizza at Noon to 1pm- and then we get settled and attentive for the Attorney's time from 1pm - 2pm- for questions and answers- if you are in zoom- please text us your questions and we will read them to the attorney from the zoom chat texts.

If your audio and mic do not work on your computer or laptop, follow the instructions to join audio by phone and give yourself some extra time before the meeting begins at 1:00.

WE APOLOGIZE for the poor quality of prior Zoom-
this one should be great!! Thanks-

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